ITB Progrock

I joined in a project with the alumni of the Bandung Institute of Technology to celebrate ITB’s 100th anniversary. Together with musicians who are ITB alumni such as Donny Suhendra (Krakatau), Candil (Seurieus), Erwin Badudu (Giant Step), Toni Sianipar (Elfa’s Singers), Dita Saferina (The Voice Indonesia), Dave Lumenta (Cockpit), and others. This project plays a Progressive Rock version of an Indonesian national patriotic song entitled “Bangun Pemudi Pemuda”. Arranged by Erwin Badudu and produced by Toni P Sianipar.
The video was aired on TVRI in a variety show called “Bersama Berkarya Bagi Bangsa”

And here’s the behind the scene video. I recorded the bass part with help from my old friend Balum

Also check out this bass and drums isolated track from the record