How to Clean Bass Guitar Frets

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to put the shine back on your bass frets.

Here are the only supplies and products that I use:

  1. Fretguard, you can buy it in many online stores. And I don’t need the expensive ones for this
  2. Steel wool, also you can find them in online stores. Use 0000 steel wool

Let’s start.

-First, remove all the strings from your bass

-Place fret guard over the 1st fret to protect the fretboard, or alternately you can tape off the fretboard with masking tape. But I assume you already have fretguards

-Rub steel wool onto the fret

-Repeat on all frets.

So that was how I clean my bass frets. There are plenty of tutorials maybe with the correct way on the net. But here, is what I actually do to clean my frets, and it works for me.

You can see this video how it’s done