How to change bass strings

Hello, now I’m gonna give you a brief guide that is very simple and shows you a quick way to change the strings on your bass guitar.

Here’s the step:

-Loosen the first string via the tuner until the wraps on the winder start to noticeably unwind. You can either take every one of the strings off immediately and put new ones in generally together, or do them one at a time. Some people prefer to change them one by one because it prevents changes in stresses on the neck. But I prefer to remove all the strings at once so I can clean the fretboard.

-Get the string is loose enough then pull it from the tuning machines

-Pull the string out either through the body or the bridge, depending on your bass

-Insert the new strings through the body or bridge

-Attach the strings to the machine heads. When gets to the tuning machines, measure up to one and a half or two machine heads, and cut the string. So it won’t take a lot of winding

-Feed the string to the top, press down until it stops

-Start winding the tuning machine. For the D and G string, in some basses there’s a string tree on the headstock, so make sure on G and D strings you’re winding it underneath the guide

-Tune the bass